Group CC Canadian Canoe

This is my 15th year coming to Adventure International with children and I think this morning’s Canoe session was the best I can remember. The weather, of course, was perfect but the thing that made it so special was the teamwork of the children, their patience with each other and their good humour throughout. We had a wonderful time- but I’m afraid there aren’t many pictures as I had to put my camera away once the games started- and just as well as I think we all ended up in the Canal several times (apart from Ben, of course, who spent most of his time in the canal and occasionally ended up in his canoe!). Well done, everyone. You all had a fantastic time!


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  1. Just because the sea pool is closed, Ben…..! Glad you’re all having a fantastic time and glorious weather! xxx

  2. Well done NIKITA you look like your having lots of fun missing you see you on Friday x

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