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Presentation Night

Congratulations to everybody for their amazing achievements this week. It has been fantastic seeing you face up to all the challenges and conquer your fears. Special congratulations to our three award winners: Bo for winning the “Superstar” award, Jack for winning the “Joker” award and Sean for winning the “Bottle” award. Congratulations again! We are […]


The surf was much better today and we managed to catch lots of waves.

Early Morning Swim

Today the sea pool was a churning cauldron of doom, which meant that there was no early morning swim, so it was back to the centre for a tasty breakfast of bacon, beans and hash browns. Surfing and kayaking today-at least there should be some waves today!

Five-a-side and talent show

Well done to everybody who took part in the 5 aside football match and for our resident rock star who opened the talent show with “All Right Now”, and finished it with some stand up comedy!


Another fantastic effort from Team Woolsery with the climbing this afternoon. After practising on the new bouldering wall, everybody had a go on the different climbing sections. Several people reached the top; after telling me he couldn’t do it, Will got to the top of his section…twice! Kai was amazing and reached the top of […]

Now you see it…now you don’t!

Proof here that boys can actually tidy and clean their room…

High Ropes

We were hanging around this morning dangling on the high ropes course. Everybody faced their fears by completing various challenges such as the Leap of Faith, Jacob’s Ladder, The Rack and of course the Ultimate High Rope Challenge. Well done everybody!

Wednesday Morning

We said goodbye to Mrs Farmer and hello to Mr Whitefield who is full of energy and raring to go! The sea pool was more suited to surfing than swimming this morning, but our brave Woolsery Warriors were not put off and were the first in! Well done everybody. A dry day (activity-wise) with high-ropes […]

Fancy dress night – Tuesday

Well done to everybody’s efforts in the Fancy Dress. You all looked fab!

Karaoke Night

Well done to our budding rock star for coming 3rd in the karaoke competition. Tonight he is playing his electric guitar in the talent show. Good luck!

More mountain boarding photos

Canoeing and Mountain Boarding from yesterday.

Apologies – we have had internet issues. Here are some shots from yesterday. The canoeing was great fun, and we were really proud of them all in the mountain boarding – lots of gutsy children!

Mountain Boarding

Well done to everyone for their efforts mountain boarding this afternoon. Here are the pictures…

Canadian Canoeing

We spent a lovely morning on the canal canoeing. If the objective was to get as wet as possible, several people managed that with bells on!

Not such an early start

We managed 6.45 today! The running group made it to Compass Point this morning – a great achievement. A slight interruption to breakfast with a fire alarm caused by a toaster but otherwise a trouble free start to the day. looking forward to canoeing this morning.

Dinner carnage

It was all going so well until Mr Cole turned up. Next thing we know is someone (who shall remain nameless)’s dinner is catapulted off the table, spectacularly landing all over the furniture and the floor. Whoops.

Team Trail

Well done everybody for your amazing efforts in the team trail today. You managed to transport a bucket of water all the way round the trail without hardly spilling a drop. Ben paid for that at the end when it was dumped on his head! Your teamwork and support was brilliant this afternoon and I […]

Monday Lunchtime

After a delicious lunch of jacket potatoes and jelly, the children are now busy tidying their rooms. Rumour has it they can even use a hoover. I will take photos of proof so you can remind them when they get home that they do know how to clean!

Body Boarding

Despite there being very little surf, we still managed to catch a few waves and had a great time in the sunshine.

Body boarding

Despite a distinct lack of surf we all had great fun body boarding this morning. Here are a few shots – Miss  Butler has some more.

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