Celebration; Super Sausage Crackers

This group of Class 4 children designed Super Sausage Crackers, including vegetarian cheese and onion crackers, for a celebration party.


Cookery and Yaki 003

We wanted to eat them right away but managed to wait until we shared them with the class.

Cookery and Yaki 011

We finally did eat them and hope the rest of Class 4 enjoyed them too.

Cookery and Yaki 012

They seem to be enjoying them!

an Cookery and Yaki 001 Cookery and Yaki 005  Cookery and Yaki 002


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  1. Think I must be doing something wrong here…..I’m often able to smell all the wonderful things class 4 are cooking but am struggling to actually taste some.. think I must be in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!! Now who should I talk to about that I wonder??!!

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