Salamatkan Yaki ( Save the Crested Black Macaque)

This week, Class 4 were priveleged to have Catherine Addison from Paignton Zoo visit our school. We had made contact with Catherine when we were at Paignton Zoo residential earlier in the year. As a follow-up visit to school, Catherine came to speak to us about the highly endangered species of the Crested Black Macaque on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

This macaque is known as the Yaki and Class 4 watched a video highlighting the plight of this species from deforestation and the bush meat trade.

We linked up to Sulawesi by Skype and spoke to one of the team there, Thirza Loffeld. The children were able to ask questions about the Yaki and the work going on there.

We hope to involve our children,who do the Paignton Residential, to link up with children in school in Sulawesi and support this venture.


Cookery and Yaki 007 Cookery and Yaki 008

If you are interested in this project you can come and talk to Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Rhodes for information or visit the website Salmatkan Yaki on Google.

2 responses on Salamatkan Yaki ( Save the Crested Black Macaque)

  1. Class 4, I’m so pleased you want to take on this project and hope you and the children who go to Paignton after you get lots out of this important conservation work.
    And I’m delighted your Skype session to Indonesia worked so well!
    Save The Black Crested Macaque!

  2. Wow, what a great way to learn about the Macaque class 4, having a visitor and using Skype!

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