What’s Cooking?

Class 3 cooked dampers over an open fire, on green sticks today.


Sweet dampers are made from self raising flour, soft brown sugar and water and are delicious with chocolate spread or golden syrup.
Savory ones (which we didn’t have time to make) Don’t have sugar in but DO have marmite!


In their Forest School session, the class learnt about campfire safety and how to prepare dough outside AND keep it clean.

One group also learnt how to prepare a fire properly and how to feed it safely once lit.


Afterwards,  Class 3 wrote some campfire safety rules:

-children should never use fire without an adult
– always sit at least a metre away from a small fire (more for a big one) and never stand by a fire.
– never throw things into a fire
– always move around the outside of the fire circle, never past the fire itself
– if smoke is in your eyes, turn¬† your head to the side, cup a hand around your face and slowly count to ten. If the smoke hasn’t gone, safely move away.
-if you find your clothes on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL

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  1. This was great fun…… I had no idea Forest School was so cool, I can see why you all enjoy it so much!! Thank you for letting me eat some!

  2. Looks like great fun! Joseph has already been telling me some of the campfire safety rules he has learned. :-)

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