A New Year in Ashmansworthy

It’s been a busy first week back in Ashmansworhty class. We have begun to learn about the Ancient Greeks by researching what Modern Greece is like and producing a fact file in the form of a booklet. We have also begun to learn about how the sun, moon and earth. We used a football with a head torch attached (!), globe and a blob of plasticene on a stick to create a model to show how they orbit each other! Did you know the earth can fit inside the sun 1 million times! We have lots of other questions to investigate and are looking forward to our trip to @Bristol next month.

The children worked well together in forest school today to build “squirrel bridges”. They had to collaborate to problem solve and build a bridge 1m off the ground, 60-100cm long and wide enough for a squirrel! The results are now hiding amongst the trees in the forest school area. Another group spent the afternoon planting willow at the top of the field to replenish the willow structures, and for forest school activities in the future.

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