Orienteering and fire-lighting at Burford Woods

Ashmansworthy Class enjoyed a day out in Burford Woods today, in the lovely autumn sunshine. We started off by learning how to use a map and compass to find the 10 orienteering posts. Once we had found each one, the teams had to stamp a card with a special punch and collect the letters and numbers to solve a puzzle. The second part of the course was to hide marker flags called controls somewhere in the woods, mark it on the main map for another group to find, and then use their map to find the control that another group had hidden. All the controls were successfully retrieved.

Mr Cole joined us mid morning, and after we ate lunch round the fire, he showed the children how to make a fire and heat water. The children learnt about the three thing a fire needs in order to burn (oxygen, fuel and heat) and showed the children how to safely build and light the fire using a flint and steel (no matched allowed!)

All the groups successfully build and lit their fire, and heated up the water in the can which they suspended above the flames. Tomorrow during forest school they will be doing this again in order to make Aztec Hot Chocolate!

Thank you to Mrs Keatley and Mrs Heywood who helped us today.

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  1. I really liked the day at Burford woods like the orienteering and fire lighting I hope we go again soon. Best wishes Joseph:-]

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