Bideford Science Visit 29/03/17

Stroxworthy Class travelled to Bideford to visit Morrisons looking at healthy eating.  Claire Jollie met us and took us around for a personal guided tour of the whole store, tasting as we went.

We then went on to Witten Lodge looking at animal welfare.  Gareth Cross and his team met us for a very interesting tour of his new vet clinic.  We had lots of questions from our home learning task and he kindly answered every one.  He even gave us some cat’s teeth for our new vet role play after Easter (if you have any posters, equipment that would be suitable, please give to Stroxworthy class urgently)

We then went on to Victoria Park and sheltered, whilst we ate our lunch but had to come back early due to the damp conditions.  At school, we had hot chocolate and biscuits to finish!

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  1. Very good photos, I enjoyed the vets and Morrisons but my top 2 favourite parts were listening to Charlie, the dogs heart at the vets and eating the doughnut at Morrisons YUM YUM. Sadly I didn’t enjoy eating my lunch in the rain I got so wet!

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