Friction fire-lighting for elder-flower cordial

In true Bronze Age style, Ashmansworthy successfully made fire today by using a flint and steel. After preparing the fire in the base of the Kelly Kettle using cotton wool and kindling (small, thin twigs) the children used the flint and steel to create sparks to ignite it. Mrs Robert’s group were the first to get theirs going, and eventually my group got theirs alight after half an hour (the wind was blowing in the wrong direction…that’s our excuse, anyway!).

Meanwhile, the other children in the group were busy preparing the ingredients for the elder-flower cordial we were making. They had to mix sugar, lemon zest and chopped lemons with elder-flowers. We added citric acid to help preserve the mixture. Once the water was hot, we added 1 pint (600ml) to each batch of ingredients. After a good stir we covered it and it is now infusing in the yurt! In a couple of days we will strain it and bottle it.




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  1. I really enjoyed making Elderflower cordial! I’m helping with them on 14th of June 2017 which is the day of posting this comment,I enjoyed making the elderflower cordial because I got to light a fire!

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