Stroxworthy Farm

Cranford class had a fantastic trip to Stroxworthy Farm today. We rode on a trailer to get there, being pulled along behind a tractor. We had a great time feeding the calves and giving them water to drink. We also saw the dairy cows and had a tour of the milking parlour. We learned all about how milk is produced and sampled some cheese. A huge thank you to Farmer James and Farmer Jane for having us.

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  1. Farmer James says Cranford class behaved very well and it was a pleasure to have you all on farm. We are glad you had a nice time and hope you learned how we look after our animals

    1. The minion is made out of two round bales. Round bales are lots of grass rolled up then wrapped in plastic. It is the cows food in the winter when the weather is not suitable for them to be out in the feild eating grass.

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