Outdoor Adventure

Wow! What a day. After a monster breakfast we set off on our adventure. We started by climbing Hound Tor where we went “weaselling”. This basically involves crawling like weasels through tiny crevices in the granite rocks. Lots of challenging routes were navigated including the toblerone of doom and the king kong tower.

We had a search and rescue mission which involved scrambling over Greator rocks. Slightly terrifying, but everyone overcame their fears to successfully get to the top.

We had lunch in an old medieval village before a mammoth trek to Haytor. Everyone is worn out so hopefully an earlier night tonight.

Photos to follow in due course.

3 responses on Outdoor Adventure

  1. Heroic effort from all – character-building stuff, that! You’ll have to take us to your favourite terrifying peaks next time we’re on Dartmoor, Joseph – I hope you’ve got lots of pictures! Have a great last night, rest well, we’ve missed you, lots of love!x

  2. That sounds incredible! You lot are all super stars, such a big achievement. I hope you all feel proud of yourselves, you deserve to. A busy day. Rest well tonight!

  3. Glad you are having a great time with all your friends. Dartmoor looks lovely doesn’t it! Lots of love, hugs and big kisses from Mum. Don’t know about you but I’m worn out! Xx

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