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  1. Reuben here,

    Hope you have not got any injures from all those rocks (or each other) and make sure you don`t leave anyone behind. Hopefully, you have good weather for the rest of your activities.

    from Reuben

  2. Wow – what an amazing trip! You all look like you’re having a brilliant time. Dartmoor loomed clear and bright on the horizon from Woolsery this morning and it’s wonderful to think that you were all there amongst those craggy peaks! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures tomorrow, Joseph – enjoy your last night on the moor!:)x

  3. So pleased it looks like you have had great weather and so much fun. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Hunter, and hear all about it. Night night!xx

  4. Looks like you all had a great day . Good night Jasmine miss you see you tomorrow xx

  5. Wow that looks amazing! So proud of you Jacob. This has been a real adventure. Big hug and lots of love, Mum xx and purrs from Sunny 🐾

  6. Well done James, looks like a fantastic adventure. Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your time xxx

  7. Looks like you are all having fun 😀. See you tomorrow Lilly, big kiss xx

  8. Looks like great fun!!
    Was a bit of a squeeze Chester? Probably the large Breakfast you had this morning?
    Can’t imagine there was any bacon left after you had finished!!!!😂

  9. Excellent pictures! What an adventure you’re all having! We’re missing you Joseph, but it’s lovely to see you all having a great time. Enjoy every minute! Xx

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