Devon and Cornwall helicopter pilot visit

Jack Russell, from Devon and Cornwall police came into school today.  He explained how he started flying at 16 with the Air Cadets and then went on to fly Chinooks with the Royal Air Force until eventually joining the police force.

The children tried on some of his equipment and he answered lots of the children’s questions from how fast the helicopter could fly?  Can they fly in any weather conditions?  Can they fly at night? Where can the helicopter land?  What is the worst crime you have encountered?  How many years have you been flying for?  What is the most popular crime?  How many people can you carry in the helicopter?  Do you carry police dogs in the helicopter?  Do you arrest ladies?  Do police dogs wear a uniform?  How do they contact you? How long is the training to be a policeman?  Do you have a siren on the helicopter?  Where do you get your fuel?  Is your job exciting or scary?  Which type of engine do you have? How long does it take from getting a phone call to going into the air?

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  1. Did anyone catch the criminal?! We saw the Police fly over us today!! A very rare sight. There must have been some supisious goings on in Woolsery today. I’v heard rumours of a wolf in the village too!!

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