Newsletter – 7th June 2019

School Photo

As you will know, we had to take the decision to postpone the whole school photo this week due to the weather. We have re-scheduled this with Alan Schofield for Monday afternoon next week. As before, if you have a child in Sunflowers who isn’t usually on session at that time, you are welcome to bring them in to be in the photo but if course you will need to stay with them. We will also take the Y6 Leavers’ photo at the same time.

Beach Clean

Please remember that tomorrow (Saturday) is Ashmansworthy Class’ Beach Clean at Westward Ho!. Please come along if you can and support the class, and do your bit for the environment too. Equipment is supplied, but you may want to bring your own gloves.

Children who are members of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who come along can use this activity towards their Recycle Devon Badge……ask your section leader for more information!

Rosemoor Visit

Just a reminder that Burscott and Stroxworthy Classes are visiting Rosemoor next Wednesday. If you’ve not yet let us know whether your child wants a packed lunch supplied by the school, please could you do so on Monday, thank you.

Running Club

Unfortunately, Mrs Farmer has a meeting after school on Wednesday so there will be no running club next week.

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Courier Fraud Alert – Phone Calls From Bogus Police – Fake Bank Officials

Please share with relatives, friends and neighbours who aren’t online and may be vulnerable.

Victims receive a phone call from someone claiming to be either a police officer or banking official. The bogus official, a fraudster, will say either:

• There has been fraudulent activity at the victims’ bank and the staff at the bank are involved. The victim is then asked to withdraw money to either keep it safe or assist the police with their investigation.
• A business such as a jewellers or currency exchange is fraudulent and they require the victims’ assistance to help secure evidence by purchasing jewellery or exchange a large amount of currency to hand over to the police.
• The victims’ card has been compromised and used to purchase goods by a suspect. The victim is requested to withdraw their money to keep it safe or hand over their bank card to the police.

Occasionally the victim will be told to dial a non-emergency extension of ‘161’ to receive confirmation of the fraudster’s bogus identity. This phone line will also be answered by the fraudsters.

The bogus official will advise the victim to lie about the reason for the withdrawal/purchase if challenged by staff at their bank, as the staff are involved in the fraud. A courier then attends the victim’s home address to collect the money and / or bank cards the same day. Often the victim is given a code word for the courier as a way of authentication…this is all completely fake.

REMEMBER, and pass it on – Your bank or the police will NEVER:

• Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password.
• Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping.
• Ask you to transfer money out of your account.
• Send someone to your home to collect cash, PINs, cards to cheque books

Sports Day

Please remember that Friday 21st June is Sports Day. As mentioned in an earlier Newsletter, we will start at 11am with a new line-up of carousel events and races. Parents and family are welcome to come along from 11am. At lunchtime, Dave will be running the Barbecue in place of regular school meals. Children’s BBQ will be ordered and paid for in the usual way but adults can also order a meal using the Google Form here:  Meals for adults will be £3.50 each with a choice of Burger or Hot dog (and vegetarian equivalents).

Adventure International

Just a reminder for Y6 children going on the Adventure International residential at the end of the month, children’s spending money must be paid into school (cash only please – maximum of £15) by 21st June. Also, and cheques for T-Shirts made payable to Adventure International, not the school. This year the centre have expanded their range and now offer the following items (Please write on the back of your cheques what it is you are paying for, thanks):

  • AI T-shirt £10
  • AI Hoodie £18.50
  • AI Cap or Beanie £8

Use of toilets after school

If your child needs the school toilets after school has finished, for example after a club or playing on the field, please could you make sure they come to the office to be let back into the school. The toilets are being cleaned at this time and it’s important your child is not in the toilets at the same time as the cleaning staff, or that they have access to the cleaning chemicals. They will be accompanied to an available toilet, which may not be the ones they normally use in school time. Thank you.


Well done to everyone Who has gained a Headteacher Award this week for impressing their teachers in class…

  • Cranford: Oliver – being king to friends; Arthur – trying hard with writing this week.
  • Burscott: Genevieve – showing determination to improve in everything she does; Jackie – always smiling.
  • Stroxworthy: Owen – working hard with his handwriting; Imogen M-G – using speech marks accurately in her writing.
  • Alminstone: Roy – Staying focused when working; Aiden – Being responsible in class.
  • Ashmansworthy: Charlie P – working hard to include a range of punctuation and effective vocabulary in his storywriting; Kyson – working hard to write a story this week.

  • Saturday: Beach Clean – Westward Ho! 2pm
  • Monday: Mr Cole and Miss Butler in meetings AM – Miss Huszars supply. Whole School Photo (PM) , Marine Litter Workshop (Stroxworthy Class)
  • Tuesday: Governors Meeting (am)
  • Wednesday: Burscott and Stroxworthy classes to RHS Rosemoor all day. No running club
  • Thursday: Mr Cole (DTSA)
  • Friday: Mrs Miles out all day

With best wishes,

Matt Cole, Headteacher.

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