Forensic Science Day…Whodunnit?

Ruth from Sciencedipidy visited Ashmansworthy Class yesterday to teach us how to use forensic science techniques to solve a crime. When we arrived at school, we found the crime scene in the yurt. Someone had stolen the diamonds from the piggy bank and the children had to use the evidence from the crime scene to find out ‘whodunnit’.

We started off analysing the finger prints looking for whorls, loops and arches, then matched the fingerprints of the suspects to the crime scene.

Next we used various chemicals to identify the mysterious white substance found on the table next to the broken piggy bank.

After lunch we measured analysed the blood sample to match it to one of the suspects. Finally we measured the foot prints found at the scene to calculate the height of the person who left it.

After all this scientific analysis, we finally found out the thief was Lou Lou.

Ruth also explain her other role as a pathologist where she is currently testing people’s samples for Covid. She explained what she had to do and how she does it.

All the class enjoyed their day and learnt a great deal about how forensic scientists use technology to solve crimes.

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