Emergency Communication – 4th January 2021

Dear Parents,


I expect, like me, you are reeling from the information that schools are closed with immediate effect until February half term at the earliest. This is much swifter and for longer than we had expected.

We now, as a school, need to complete our emergency planning and risk assessments for a fundamental change in the organisation yet again. In March we had four days to complete this progress – this time around we appear to have just 24 hours.

This means, I’m afraid, we will not be in a position to open for Keyworker or Vulnerable children tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January so school will be closed for everyone. I will write again tomorrow with booking details for our on-site provision and staff will be in school all day planning for the half term of remote learning, both of which will begin from Wednesday 6th January unless we get further updates from Government before that time.

I know these announcements leave you, our families, with a huge number of financial and logistical problems and I will get information out to you just as quickly as I can in order to make the next six weeks as easy aspossible.

Thank you for your ongoing support – it is truly appreciated by me and by our whole staff team.


Matt Cole



7 responses on Emergency Communication – 4th January 2021

  1. Thank you Matt and team for all you’re doing, we know how hard you’re working and how much you care about all the children l. We’re fully supportive. Thinking of you all as you plan for this.

  2. Thank you and best wishes to all the school staff who are working so hard right now adapting to the news.

  3. Thank you for the really swift response to the situation. Best of luck with all of the work ahead of you!

    1. Yes thank you for your hard work. I’m sure we can understand you are all under huge pressure and stress.

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