Newsletter: 21st October 2022

Happy Half Term!

Whatever you’re doing this Half Term, I hope you have agreat time. It’s been a very busy couple of months in our schools but the children have been amazing and their learning is really coming on. Thank you for all your support too, your contribution to home learning, reading with your child and learning multiplication tables really does have a positve impact back in the classroom.

Out schools reopen on Monday 31st October.

Life Education Visit

On the first day back after half term, Parkham children will be visited by Harold the Giraffe (not a real giraffe, I hasten to add!) along with his helper Helen Morrall. This is a visit to supplement the SCARF personal social and emotional education lessons the children cover in class. It is run by Coram Life Education, the company who publish our SCARF programme.

Hallowe’en Cake Sale

Just a reminder that there is a Hallowe’en Cake Sale after school today in Buckland Brewer playground – please bring in some donations at pick up time if you’ve not been able to send any in this morning with your child. (It doesn’t have to be as utterly amazing as the one below, brought in by Eleanora!)

Forest School next Half Term

Please remember Forest School sessions switch around to new classes after the break. On Forest School days, your child should bring wellies with them. We provide the waterproofs. As the weather gets colder, they are also welcome to bring in a warm jumper and old hat if they’d like to.

Monday Sunflowers
Tuesday Burscott Class

Melbury Class

Tythecott Class

Thursday Stroxworthy Class

We really need parent/grandparent helpers to help our Forest School sessions thrive. If you are able to help, even if it’s not on your child’s day, please contact our Forest School Leader, Louise Grout via email to find out more.

We especially need help for Sunflowers’ session on Monday afternoons, but help on any of the days is very welcome.

Secondary School Applications

Just a final reminder that if you haven’t yet applied for a place at secondary school for your Year 6 child, the closing date is Monday 31st October. Full details were in the Newsletter earlier in October which you can still read HERE. If you don’t apply for a place by 31st October, your child may have to attend a non-preferred school which has capacity.


We have been contacted by Marie Douglas, secretary of the Buckland Brewer Community Shop. They are urgently looking for more volunteers to dontate some regular time working the shop in order to keep it athriving hub in the village. Volunteering is a great way of meeting new people and by increasing the number of people able to work in the shop, the committee will be able to maintain current opening hours. Please see the poster below for more information:

Park Run Success

Well done to Allan and Logan, both at Woolsery Primary, for completing an amazing 100 Park Runs in Victoria Park, Bideford. Here are the boys with their special t-shirts…


Well done to the children who achieved a Headteacher’s Award today in recognition of developing their positive learning behaviours which are represented by the six animals:

Orleigh: To follow

Tythecott: Leah  (tortoise) – for being a resilient tortoise and not giving up when things get tricky, well done Leah, keep it up!; Noah (spider) – for being a clever spider and making links with what he knows to help him work out new things, excellent Noah.

Gorwood: To follow

Foxdown: Leo (tortoise)  -Leo has worked hard on his pencil control. He has not given up and is now drawing great pictures and letters; Abbie (tortoise) – Abbie is working really hard in phonics. She is using her segmenting fingers to segment and not giving up.

Melbury: Raife (tortoise) – Raife has shown resilience with his handwriting and made fantastic progress with joining his letters. Great work Raife;  Jake (cat) – Throughout the half term Jake has asked questions to clarify his understanding in our different subjects. Well done Jake

Goldworthy: Anastacia (dolphin) – diving into your learning; working hard on your reading, spelling and number facts; Xavi (tortoise) – being resilient and working hard to write a story based on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Sunflowers: Emilija (spider) – for having the confidence to use her English; Ella (cat) – for her listening skills in group activities

Cranford: Bea (dolphin) for reading with great expression and rhythm this week; Isla (tortoise)for amazing writing in phonics this week.

Burscott: Seren (dolphin) – diving into her learning and showing her super sense of audience in her writing;  Rudi (tortoise) – working hard all term to improve his handwriting. He is now writing with pen!

Stroxworthy: Jenson (dolphin) – for diving into his learning like a dolphin when writing his adaptation of a traditional tale in English; Logan (tortoise) – for being resilient like a tortoise when persevering with writing his adaptation of a traditional tale in English.

Alminstone: Evie (bee) – for working together using i-pads during computers to explain digestion presentation; Xavier (spider) – making links and connections with his PE with Mrs Appleton.

Ashmansworthy: Bluebelle (bee) – for including everyone in PE and demonstrating excellent teamwork skills; Elouise (tortoise) – for showing extreme determination when dealing with apples in Forest School!

Monday 31st October

Schools reopen

Life Education visit to Parkham

Sunflowers Forest School (pm)


Burscott Class Forest School (pm)

Mrs Farmer to SEND meeting (pm)


Tythecott Class Forest School

Melbury Class Forest School


Mr Davies to PE meeting (am)

Stroxworthy Class Forest School


Mr Cole’s planned schedule (w/c 31st October)…

Monday All Day
Tuesday All Day
Wednesday All Day
Thursday All Day
Friday Morning Afternoon Afternoon

with best wishes,

Mr Cole


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