Newsletter: 17th November 2023

Show Tickets

Just a reminder that you need to be filling out the Google Form below to reserve tickets for your child’s end of Term Production. Please remember all tickets are free, but this is an important way of us satisfying the Fire Officer’s insistence that we know how many people are in each of our village halls when the children are performing. Thanks.

We don’t charge for tickets but we need to know how many to expect in the audience for each performance. Please make sure you book for the correct show!

Buckland Brewer: Panto Pandemonium on 14th December:

Parkham: Alice The Musical on 13th December

Woolsery: Porridge on 13th and 14th December

FOPS are very kindly asking for helpers for the Christmas fair. Either to help set up, man a stall or help in the kitchen. If you can spare any time to help then please get in touch, either in person to Paula or Kelly or via email

Children In Need thanks

Thank you for once again supporting our Children In Need appeals this year. The children have really enjoyed wearing spots/stripes/patterns today, along with all their other activities in aid of this amazing charity which helps children througout the UK.

Harbour Visit

Representatives from each School Voice visited Harbour on Tuesday this week to deliver all of the tins, packets and cartons which you very kindly donated during our Harvest Celebrations. The children helped stack some of the items on the shelves in the Food Store and were also given a tour of the centre by Sarah, Harbour’s Chair. The children found out more about what Harbour do and how different the needs are of the 200+ people who use Harbour each week – ranging from the long-term homeless to people experiencing temporary financial difficulty. Mrs Kersey, Miss McCann and Ms Richardson, who coordinate School Voice in each school, are now working with the children to develop a programme which the Partnership can get involved in in the longer term – more news about that in the coming weeks.

Well done, Wren, Charlie, Roman, Elodie, Jamie and Leo – you represented our schools very well and were super-helpful during our visit!


Buckland Brewer Painting

I am pleased to say that, despite the weather these last few weeks, the external redecoration of Buckland Brewer School will be complete by Wednesday of next week. This is great news, both because we will have a smart, repaired and watertight school but also because Orleigh Class will be able to access their vitally important outdoor learning space once again. This redecoration programme has been entirely funded through Devon County Council.


Well done to everyone who has received a Headteacher’s Award in assembly today! As usual, our awards are given in recognition of achievements relating to our six learning animals which represent for children the qualities needed to be a good learner. They are:


Orleigh: Elsie (Dolphin) For following her own ideas at the creative table and working independently to make two different peg doll characters; Alfie (Spider)  For creating some great number sentences from part whole models to show addition and subtraction stories.

Tythecott: Caleb (Tortoise) – being resilient with his learning this week in his writing, where he constructed ‘hooks’ in his writing; Timmy (Dolphin) – for his diving into his art with charcoal showing an intricate design.

Gorwood: Aoife (tortoise) – for making a huge effort with her handwriting which looks beautiful; Aubri (spider) – for making links with her multiplication knowledge to solve problems with fractions

Foxdown: Alana (dolphin) – Alana has dived into our art topic on spirals, producing some fantastic observational drawings of shells; Clark (tortoise) – Clark has worked hard on his letter formation as well as the size of his letters. He has made fantastic progress.

Melbury: Ashley (spider) – A fantastic spider in Maths making connections and seeing patterns quickly; Benji (bee) – For being a positive Bee and always showing kindness and understanding towards his friends.

Goldworthy:  Ruby (owl) for reflecting on the paragraph about John Hartman’s legacy and generating ideas to improve it and using a thesaurus to develop ambitious vocabulary; Xavi (cat) for showing a curious interest in our science learning -light – asking intriguing and thoughtful questions to further your knowledge.


Cranford:  Joshua (Tortoise) – for being a tortoise and not giving up with your eye patch this week; Ida (Dophin) – for being a dolphin and diving into your reading books.  Great sounding out and blending of words.

Burscott: Rogan (owl) – putting together all his learning to produce a great piece of biographical writing; Harry (tortoise) – for showing resilience over time to improve all aspects of his written work

Stroxworthy: Mason (dolphin) – for diving into his learning like a dolphin and always trying his best at maths, particularly with addition and subtraction; Elsie (owl) – for looking forwards and backwards  like an owl and asking inquisitive questions during our History session about Lord Shaftesbury.

Alminstone:  Mrs Parkhouse will award two sets of certificates when she returns next week.

Ashmansworthy: Dolly (dolphin) – for adapting her style of writing to different genres, engaging and entertaining her readers; Lyla (dolphin) – for showing increasing independence and confidence in writing and editing her work

  • 1st December – FOPS Christmas Fayre
  • 13th December – Parkham Christmas Production (Alice The Musical) 6pm
  • 13th December: Woolsery Christmas Production (Porridge) 1:45pm & 6:30pm
  • 14th December: Buckland Brewer Christmas Production (Panto Pandemonium) 1:30 and 6pm
  • 14th December: Woolsery Christmas Production 6:30pm
  • 19th December: Christmas Dinner Day (all schools)
  • 20th December: Last Day of Term
  • 8th January 2024: First Day of Spring Term

After an incredibly busy couple of weeks, next week is looking much calmer…!

Monday Governors Meetings 5:30pm (Pay and Performance Cttee) and 6pm (Full Governors), Woolsery

Melbury Class – Appledore Art (am)

FOPS meeting 2pm at School


Mr Cole’s planned schedule

Monday morning afternoon
Tuesday all day
Wednesday all day
Thursday all day
Friday morning afternoon afternoon

With best wishes,


Matt Cole, Headteacher


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