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Morwhellam Quay – Friday 6th October

We had a fantastic day at Morwhellam Quay on Friday. The children enjoyed having a go at breaking rocks to find copper, going on the mine train and looking round different Victorian houses. It was great to step into history and experience it for ourselves.  

Introducing our new topic

Yesterday, the children were introduced to our new topic which looks at how life has changed since the industrial revolution. We first watched a clip from the 2012 olympic opening ceremony which focused on the industrial revolution. We then looked at different aspects of Victorian life including communication (making a string telephone), engineering (building a […]


On Thursday 7th, Gorwood had a go at fencing. They started with a warm up by running around then stopping as still as possible to practice balancing. They then learnt about the stance and how to hold the foil. Following this they learnt how to move forward, lunge and parry. They practised these skills before […]

DT Baking session

This morning, Gorwood class had a go at making Devonshire cut rounds as part of our DT project. We followed a recipe and the children added their own personal touch with ingredients like cheese, pesto and herbs. The children had a great time baking and enjoyed eating the finished product.

Gorwood trip to Westward Ho!

On Friday, Gorwood joined Goldworthy from Parkham on a trip to Westward Ho! which linked with our geography learning. We spent time looking at human and physical features which attract tourists to the area like the beach, sea pool and the haunted house and we also looked at where the Westward Ho! railway went. The […]

Science Fair

Gorwood class had an amazing science week which culminated in our Science Fair on Friday afternoon. The children put a fantastic amount of effort into their presentations and we had some interesting displays including elephant’s toothpaste and an investigatio into air pressure. We had 2 sets of winners – Ella and Maisie who focused on […]

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