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Last Day Of Activities (Group CC)

Group CC enjoyed an extremely busy morning of Mountain Biking and Caving on the last day of their residential. The children enjoyed learning about bike maintenance before setting off to the mountain biking field where they completed several challenges including the North Shaw bike track and the See-Saw balance. Later on, the children swapped the […]

The Last Supper Of Bude

The children enjoyed their last meal of pizza and chips together on Thursday evening before later attending the presentation evening.

Kayaking The River Thursday Afternoon (Group CC)

¬†Group CC enjoyed a kayak up the river on Thursday afternoon. Not one of the children left their kayak dry after being splashed, and neither did I! We enjoyed a game of water polo, developing yet again the children’s team work skills in teams of boys versus girls. All instructors said how determined the children […]

Everybody go surfin’

Even in 2ft of waves the children still managed to show off their amazing skills when it came to surfing. With all of the children managing to get to at least their knees and some managing to fully stand. A lovely refreshing morning spent in the glorious Cornish waters…even if we did have some jelly […]

Brilliant Bouldering and Colossal Climbing!

In the blistering heat of Wednesday afternoon group CC learnt how to traverse along the bouldering wall and scale the extremely high climbing wall. The children learnt about the different holds they would encounter along their way through the challenges including: jugs; slopers and crimps. They also learnt to use the natural features of the […]

Morning High Ropes Group CC

Group CC negotiated the terrifying high ropes course this morning, setting their fears aside to conquer the different challenges thrown their way. I was extremely proud of all of the children for having a go and trying something new, once again their team work and their ability to motivate each other was brilliant.  

Science in Class 2

We started looking at forces today in Class 2. The children began by investigating objects that move and do not move.

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