Paignton Day One!

The 2014 Paignton Residential is well and truly underway! After a great lunch at the zoo, we had a lesson on Rainforests (including reasons why we shouldn’t eat Haribo or Pringles… eek!)


We then looked around parts of the Zoo for inspiration for our evening art activity. 



Just getting the children off to bed now- will post pics of art activity asap.

9 responses on Paignton Day One!

    1. Keira has asked that I don’t answer that question (!) But yes, slept well for a First Night.

  1. Yes but they don’t contain nuts!! Glad to see you are all having such a good time xxxx

    1. This is true! Although we did find out how Brazil nuts grow…very interesting… and no, we didn’t touch any.

  2. Great pictures of Day 1. I can see you are all enjoying yourselves!! (Haribo & Pringles??….mmm…. I am puzzled)

    1. They both contain Palm Oil -along with lots of other things, but these are the most traumatic for us to bear!- and thats the main reason for the destruction of the rainforests and habitats for Orang Utans.

      (Not stopped quite a few packets and tubes appearing in rooms tonight, though! Tempted to confiscate and eat in the name of conservation but thought it a little too mean! Ask me again at 2am and I might have changed my mind…)

  3. Looks like you are all having an amazing time. I hope lunch at the zoo was better than it sounds . . . Mrs F :)

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