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Living Coasts

This morning began in a beautiful sunny morning for our visit to Living Coasts. It was very windy when we arrived! Living coasts penguin enclosure. At Living Coasts we were able to watch the penguins being fed. They gathered around the keeper and took the food, swallowing sprats whole! We moved on to the feeding […]

Last night’s special visitor

Last night was an nice quiet night. There was lots of excitement about the day and most children were fast asleep by 10. We did have one special visitor, the TOOTH FAIRY! The children are just getting ready for our visit to Living Coasts.

The end of the first day

Here are some pictures of our adventures at Paignton Zoo. Arriving at the hotel. Lunch at the zoo. A giraffe… no, sorry, a rhino Walking through the zoo. The lemur bridge. Feeding time. Everyone is now in their pyjamas and they are definitely going to sleep well tonight.

First day at Paignton

We arrived safely and had our lunch. We walked around the zoo and a gorilla didn’t seem to like us. It threw a piece of bark at us and banged on a window. We’ve only just managed to blog but we’re leaving for the night walk. More pictures to follow.

Goodbye, Paignton!

Well, that’s Paignton done for another year. Thanks, guys, you’ve all been fantastic and a real credit to your families and the school. Thank you also to Mrs Moore, Mrs Furse and Mrs Rhodes… we couldn’t have had such a fab time without them! Have a super Easter Holiday and see you back on Tuesday […]

It’s A New Record!

Yes, 08.17 and all packed up and ready for breakfast. Incredible… well done everyone for being so sensible clearing rooms!

Evening Walk

This evening we walked through the parrot cages and they squaked at us (Travis)

thanks for your comments

We’re sharing your comments with your children as soon as they come through- thank you for taking time to write things… it’s brought big smiles to lots of children knowing you’re sharing their residential with them.

Wet Afternoon

This afternoon went to the zoo and we saw the apes (Harry)

Kents Cavern

We’ve just had a fantastic visit to the caves with our guide, Terry.

Is It Breakfast Time Yet?

All good here in Paignton this morning…no problems overnight. Smelling the sausages and bacon cooking at the moment. Mmmm!

Art Activities

We met Sue again who helped us use our drawings from earlier in the day to make fridge magnets…

Dinner Time

Photos of everyone just before tea time tonight…

Paignton Day One!

The 2014 Paignton Residential is well and truly underway! After a great lunch at the zoo, we had a lesson on Rainforests (including reasons why we shouldn’t eat Haribo or Pringles… eek!) We then looked around parts of the Zoo for inspiration for our evening art activity. 

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