Is It Breakfast Time Yet?

All good here in Paignton this morning…no problems overnight. Smelling the sausages and bacon cooking at the moment. Mmmm!



(And still “some emergency rations” left!)


Off to Kents Cavern later (too wet for Living Coasts) then on to the Zoo at lunchtime.

6 responses on Is It Breakfast Time Yet?

  1. Glad to see you’ve found your pyjamas,it means you’ve unpacked properly, it looks like you’re having a fab time. We’re missing you.xxxxx

  2. William – I expect you to tell me the difference between a stalagtite and stalagmite when you get home! Have a wonderful day at Kents Caverns. At least you won’t get wet there!!

    1. William thinks he can remember the difference… but managed to get wet, even in the caves. :-/

  3. Morning Paignton! Have a fab time at Kents Caverns and No Jack you absolutely cannot bring a stalagtite/mite home!! Enjoy your fry up YUM!

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