Pond Restoration Under Way!

We’re really pleased that the restoration of our pond area and bog garden is now well and truly under way.


The pond was originally built in 2003 but was already derelict by 2007. It has a good mix of some mature pond plants and, thanks to restoration, some new plants and creatures who have already taken up residence. There is room around the pond for a whole class to enjoy pond dipping, identification and environmental work.
Chris Harding has been working hard all over the Easter break to put essential new fencing in place- much of this will completely open out to give class access, but remain closed at other times. He is also re-setting the edging stones and providing new paths and work areas ready for the arrival of our new pond dipping equipment and identification boards which will follow soon.
This is all possible thanks to the hard work of FOWS who raise money to improve the facilities the children have at our wonderful school and thanks to a grant from supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, who paid for the initial work last year to keep the pond from being irreparably damaged and who’s contribution also funded an oxygenating pump.
Below are some photos of the restoration work so far (taken on 17th April 2014)


The pond and bog garden, showing the class work area under construction


The pond from Class 1's outside classroom


The pond is already home to some waterboatmen and pond skaters... and some fish are lurking in deep water too.

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  1. The pond area is going to be really lovely, I’ve been down helping Chris today! It’s a shame the builders merchants let him down with the supply of materials though….so unfortunately not quite finished but will be worth waiting for.

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