Sunday evening in Bude


Harriet says- this is awesome!


Queue for the tuck shop… Yes some of ours are in there somewhere!


Will says- we’re  having fun playing football and in the games room

Ben says- I’ve just arrived and already having fun.

Tom says – I’ve already met lots of people from other schools.


Summer, Baifern, Nikita and Tom say – today we went down to the beach to play games. We met our tutor who’s  called Sophie. She’s  got blonde hair. Tonight we’re  having a disco…

(and the rest are in the TV lounge watching Despicable Me between bouts of football)

4 responses on Sunday evening in Bude

  1. looks like you are all having fun hope that you all have a good time at the disco we are having fun with miss brayne in class doing art hope that we can keep in touch have fun

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