Kayaking in the river (Group DD)

Group DD enjoyed learning how to kayak this morning. We were shown how to hold our paddles correctly to scoop water away from the kayak. Once in the kayak we used a sweeping motion to turn the boat and learnt how to paddle backwards to slow down or stop. We played several games and the winner got to splash a person of their choice. The children all worked really hard to control their boats even when they were being blown backwards upstream. Can you guess which 2 boys fell out of their kayaks?







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  1. We played 3 games and they are called water polo, world domanation and sharkie sharkie. I won world domomation and sharkie sharkie. Brian told me I was a natural kayaker.:) :)

  2. looks like amazing fun. what a day for it. This mean Keira will want to go kayaking from now on!

  3. Looks like another lovely day in Bude, folks! I can’t even begin to guess which boys ended up in the river (!) but am looking forward to hearing all about at Presentation Night tonight….

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