Class 2 and Class 5’s Food Project.

Class 2 and class 5 have been involved in a food project run by Devon Development Education. The title of the project was “What do we know about food and where it comes from?”.  Class 2 visited some local producers, learning about how milk and eggs are produced and how they are used locally. Class 5 visited the village hall for a presentation from a banana farmer from St Lucia who explained why Fair Trade is so important to developing countries who produce much of our food. More recently we were visited by Julius, a pineapple farmer from Uganda who explained how he grows all his own fruit and vegetables for his family. He also helped us make “Bag Gardens” which are growing well next to the steps on the way in to school.

To consolidate all we had learnt, we were invited to present our work in the Council Chambers in the Civic Offices in Barnstaple to five other schools, council members and the project organisers. Twelve children from class 5 put together a fantastic presentation and confidently delivered it to the audience. We also found out about what all the other schools did as part of the project. The children’s conduct was fantastic and they were a credit to the school.

After lunch we had the opportunity to visit 3 shops and talk to the owners about where their produce came from. Again, the children were amazing, asking and answering questions sensibly and politely. The children learnt a lot by doing this project and it was a privilege to be able to meet farmers from around the world to understand more about where our food comes from.

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  1. Squirrel??? I didn’t know you could eat squirrel, never mind buy it in Barnstaple! Maybe I should talk to Amanda when we put next term’s menu together!
    I am so glad you had a good day and presented your work so confidently in the Council Chamber – well done all of you, you’re a credit to our school.

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