Military Field Telephones used by the army.

Mr Sanders, Luca’s dad, brought in a set of field telephones which were used by the army during the war when they were out on the battlefield. They were connected by a long cable which could potentially stretch for several miles. As long as the wire was not severed, the soldiers were able to communicate over long distances. A handle on one phone was turned served as a way to alert the other phone by making a clicking noise. When you speak you have to press the button down on the handle of the phone so the other person can hear you. You can also hear your own voice clearly through the earpiece. The mouth-piece is funnel shaped to direct the sound into the phone. The sound then travels along the wire to the other person, who can then reply. The children enjoyed speaking to each other from the classroom and the field.

Mr Sanders also brought in currency from many of the Allied countries which was used during the war by the soldiers. Did you know that the military produced their own money which could be used in many different countries? If you would like to see the phones or the money, you are welcome to come into Ashmansworthy Class.

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