Year 6/7 camp-out

The weather was kind to us as we put up our tents. We enjoyed our supper from the fish and chip shop round the camp fire. Before going on our night walk we played the “bat-moth” game where one of the children was a bat and had to catch a moth using echo-location. After that we played a game where a child had to walk silently round the circle without being zapped by the ray gun by the person in the middle. The object of the game was to get all the way round the circle and ring the bell without being caught.

Our night walk was successful. We used the bat detector to listen to the echo location of the bats which were flying round our heads along muddy land. We came back to hot chocolate and a rainy night in the tents.

Thank you to Mr Cole, Mrs Kersey, Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Stevens, Mr Brend and all the parents who helped yesterday.

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