Separating mixtures in science

Ashmansworthy class have been learning about how to separate mixtures of solids. We used sieves, filter paper, magnets and water to separate a range of materials with different properties. How do you think you could separate a mixture of salt and sand? Could you sieve it? How could adding water help? How could you get dissolved salt back from a salt solution? The children used a range of apparatus to help answer these questions.

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  1. I loved doing science because its fun and everybody had a very good mood towards it aswell!
    I worked with will and we seperated water from sand using a funell.
    It worked but we still had some sand in the container the sand solusion was in.

  2. In science we are doing fun experaments like we are mixing suger,water and pebbles and it did not turn out well.
    I was the messy one in are group because i spilt a lot of the mixture all over the table.In are group was coco,Isla and me and it was really fun as well.
    we used rice as well and it made the mixture purple.

  3. In science we were trying to separate different types of things me jack and Joseph were trying to separate sand paper clips and salt first we got a magnet to get the paper clips out then came the hard part salt and sand first we put water in with it and the salt dissolved into the water wile the wet sand was at the bottom of the cup next we got a funnel and filter paper we folded the filter paper into 4 (quarters) the into a funnel then put the paper funnel in to the top of the funnel put the sand and the salt dissolved in the water tipped it though the funnel and the salty water went through wile the sand stayed on top! we had separated them!!!

  4. when we did science we were separating different types of items like sand,suger,rice and sand.Me and shyera we done sand,salt
    and water.So first we to get the equipment we had to use filter paper,sieve,funnel and a jug.First we put the salt,sand and water in the jug, then we set up the filter and filter paper and then pord the mixture in the funnel.I was surprised because the sand stade in the filter paper and the water and salt went through the funnel.Then we had to get salt out of the water so we asked the teacher if she would boil the water so the it evaporate so it will leave the salt behind.But the salt did not look the same it looked like lot of crystles.So we took it off and leaved it to dry.

  5. i like cooking the salt to see it again after we put water in the to dissolve it. i used Magnet Sieve and filterpaper and funnel to seperate it.Me and blue took in turns with the magnetso we worked as a team to do it. To make a saltsultion you need to put water in then you put salt in there.

  6. we did in science how to seperate salt from water. First of all we stered salt in water until it desolved and kept doing that until it stoped desolving. Then we boiled the salt water so the water would evaporate leaving the salt left. but instead of salt it was salt crystals! The next part we did was seperating sand from water by geting a spoon full of sand and stured it in. Next we got fillter paper and folded it in a cone shape and put it in a funel. After that we put the funel in a cup, we pored the sand water in the funel letting the water out in to the cup and leaving the sand in the fillter paper seperating the sand from the water!

  7. I was surprised because we separated sugar and sand and it was very hard but we got though it because we used filter papper and put it in a funnle and it took forever but while we were waiting tilly craked some jokes and it was very funny when it had finished and it worked and the next one we did was baking powder and sand but we could not thinck of an idea but then leah said that we could use filtter papper and it did work very well thancks to leah and the fun part was we got to chose are own partrers or are own groups

  8. I learned how to separate the salt a sand because i thought it would be impossible to separate them because they are the same size and you cant sieve them ore put them through the filter paper.

  9. I mixed sugar,sand and paper clips and we had to separate all the things i n that mixture.But we were not aloud to use are hands!!!To separate the paper clips we used i magnet to get them out.That was the easy part but it gets harder.Next we needed to separate the sand from the salt!!!To separate the sand from the salt we added water then got some filter paper and folded it into 4 quarters and then turned it to a funnel then put it in a funnel then drained the water through to paper then because the salt got dissolved in the water.when we put the water through the paper and the salt in the water and the water went through but the sand didn’t. So that is the sand separated so now we need to get the salt out of the water.What we need to do is boil the water with the salt in and the water will evaporate but it will leave the salt behind and that is how we separated the paper clip and sand and salt.

  10. i realy liked sience me coco and eve maneged to do both of our tasks by using sieve,heated pan,filter paper.

  11. I separated rice and sand and salt . First we had to separate the rice from the sand and salt .We had to use a sieve the hob and filter paper and funnel. It was really fun . When we put the salt and water on the hob it came into a salt crystals . And with the sand it was wet and poured it throw the funnel and filter paper and all the salt and water went to the bottom of the container and the sand got stuck in the filter paper because the wholes in the filter paper is to small. It was really fun and i really enjoyed science.

  12. me and blue made a saltsultion by serpating sat and water you might think its dissappered but its still in there all you do is cook it or put it under a candle but make sure you have nothing aroud it like paper and stuff what will burn!!!.

  13. I enjoyed the science on Tuesday because me, Ashton and Louis were seperating stones,sand and salt from eachother. We used a:sieve,a cooker,filter paper and a funnel.It was easy in a way and also a bit hard.

  14. Me, Hannah, Sophie and Amy had two investigations and we had rice,sand and salt what we had to do was to seperate the rice we put it through a sieve.After that we added water to the sand and salt and then we used filter paper and a funnel to get rid of the water and salt and we were left with sand. We moved the sand out the way and got the salt and water and put it on the hob so that the water would evaperate and we would be left with salt again and then we ended up with sand salt and rice all seperate again.

  15. I was surprised because i tried to cook sugar but it turned to caramel instead and it smelt realy good.

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