Teeth and Eating

This afternoon we had a fascinating workshop about teeth and eating. We learned that different animals have different shaped teeth for different jobs.

Herbivores have flat teeth to grind their teeth.

Carnivores have sharp teeth to rip and tear meat apart.

Omnivores have a mixture of teeth so they can eat meat and vegetables.

We had to look at skulls and work out which animal it belonged to.

20170424-33140 pm.jpg

20170424-33156 pm.jpg

20170424-33220 pm.jpg

20170424-33232 pm.jpg

20170424-33244 pm.jpg

20170424-33300 pm.jpg

20170424-33317 pm.jpg

6 responses on Teeth and Eating

  1. I bet it was so interesting learning about those massive predators’ skulls – and trust Joseph to find himself right in the jaws of danger!:)x

  2. Hi Rohan,
    Looks like you’re all having fun! Being attacked by our own Tiger cat here, while writing this! We’re all missing you!
    Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow!

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