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Goodbye Paignton

After a fantastic few days at Paignton we are finally on our way home. This morning our workshop was all about habitats and adaptations. We learned all about camouflage and the different defence mechanisms that animals have. The hotel and zoo have both commented on how well the children have behaved. They have been a […]

Black Macaques video

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Baby Giraffe and other photos

Due to inclement weather conditions Captain Ashley unfortunately had to cancel our boat trip. Instead we are having a movie night with hot chocolates. Lots of tired children tonight. I forgot the photo of the baby giraffe earlier (sorry Mr Cole) so am including it now. I’m also including some previous photos in higher definition […]

Sulawesi Black Macaques

This afternoon we had a workshop to learn about the black macaques. We heard how their numbers are declining due to hunting and deforestation. We made enrichment feeders for them and threw them into their enclosure for them to find. Then we had some free time around the zoo. We managed to see the baby […]

Living Coasts

This morning we have had a fabulous time at Living Coasts. We saw the penguins being fed and had some fascinating talks. Our favourites were the penguins, seals and otters. Now at the zoo, eating again.

Harbour Walk

After a great night sleep by all, we went for a gentle stroll around the harbour. All set for a monster breakfast and another busy day! Thanks for all your comments, the children really appreciate them.

Bed Time

We have arrived back after our night walk and are having hot drinks before bed. The night walk was excellent and we got the opportunity to see some of the more shy animals who sometimes hide during the day. We said hello to spider monkeys, howler monkeys, red pandas, maned wolves and flamingos. We learned […]

Teeth and Eating

This afternoon we had a fascinating workshop about teeth and eating. We learned that different animals have different shaped teeth for different jobs. Herbivores have flat teeth to grind their teeth. Carnivores have sharp teeth to rip and tear meat apart. Omnivores have a mixture of teeth so they can eat meat and vegetables. We […]

Feeding time at the Zoo

We have arrived safely at Paignton Zoo! We were delayed somewhat as we had to swap coaches due to a breakdown (the coach, not Mrs Kersey). However, we are here at the zoo, enjoying lunch.

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