Shadows, bubbles, animation and parachutes – Curious?

Today, Alminstone, Ashmansworthy and Stroxworthy had a wonderful trip to ‘We the Curious’.  Alminstone had a workshop learning about pulleys, cams, levers and gears. We used this knowledge to launch helicopters, fire catapults, making wooden animals move up and down and even lifting a teacher off the floor with one finger!  After the workshop and lunch, we explored two floors of fun and learning.  From shadows that stay on the wall when you move away, using virtual reality goggles, animating our own short films, feeling vibrations of music with our feet, watching a ball roll up hill, launching parachutes and presenting the weather forecast to name but a few.  All the children were very well behaved and had fun being curious about our world.

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  1. I love all the pictures of my class and that there is a load of things i didn’t do and will come back to do I recommend this for all families. I wish i got to do it all especially the weathercast green screen which some of the class done. Also one of the things to do which wasn’t in the pics was the Light Graffiti where you pose against a special wall and press a button then you appear against the wall when you walk away. I also liked the part on the bottom floor where you could make some flour

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