Monday afternoon: Team Trail

This afternoon the tutor groups worked together to solve lots of different problems. From building pyramids, transporting water and traversing walls, the children worked hard to co-operate and communicate to get the job done. I was really proud of how everybody worked as a team, listened, discussed ideas and helped each other to complete the tasks, especially in the heat. We finished off having a water fight with buckets of water, water balloons and a water gun. A great way to cool off. Well done everybody, you were amazing!

2 responses on Monday afternoon: Team Trail

  1. Well what can I say. what an absolute incredible time you all are evidently having. what great fun, you all look very happy. Keep the pics coming, makes me feel like I am there with you all.

  2. Absolutely LOVE these photos!! Looks like you all got soaked, but had a fantastic afternoon!! Have a great evening. I wonder if you’ll be up at 5.30am tomorrow?? Possibly not!!

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