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Leaf Flowers 01/11

Today Burscott had a great first forest school session, even though there was wind and rain they were so amazing. We did go into the polytunnel otherwise all of our creations would have blown away! ⁹We got up to so much tree ID, flowers made of leaves, a game of POP corn, number games, story […]

A spooky forest school session 31/10

Sunflowers enjoyed their first forest school session on the year. They did so well with the weather being a bit colder. They had fun making willow crowns, magic wands, painting, web making,  and turning Miss Daniels and another child into a mummy!!!

Goldworthy forest school session 19/10

So sad it was our last session today for this term. Goldworthy have come on so far. They are so kind, creative, resilient, and I know there is so much more to come from our forest school sessions. Today they’re mud kitchen ‘taco bell’ has been christened and we had Veggie chillie and Tacos round […]

Halloween forest school

Alminstone enjoyed the afternoon with a Halloween theme. From making slime to apple grabbing to making fizzing mud to eating s’mores and pizza and making glass lanterns.  Ask them which was their favourite activity.

Gorwood forest school session 19/10

Very exciting last session with damper bread and hot dogs, and s’mores. They worked so well in teams to get the session underway, with bread making, whittling and cooking, and whilst there was a spare few seconds they got crafty with some glass jars, leaves and glue . This class has been amazing and I’m […]

Ashmansworthy forest school 18/10

A great last session was had by all!!! We had pizza’s on the fire with s’mores for afters. There was a lot of spooky activities going on today; apple bobbing the forest school way, spider webs from clay, sticks and wool, we had some tea light jars decorated with autumn leaves, more mud kitchen madness […]

Part 2 of stars

Alminstone finished our second triangle using tools and knots to create a star. We had time to do some jobs around the forest school area with Lou: using the bill hook to chop some kindling, storing wood and general tidying up. What did you enjoy doing?

Goldworthy forest school 12/10

8A very wet and muddy session. We had a great afternoon, with the kitchen still being built with new pots and Pans added to it, we had charcoal painting going on, a shed being moved and lots of clearing and sorting. They have worked really hard to take ownership of this little area and they […]

Gorwood forest school 12/10

Exciting day with fire pit building, more digging and finding items, den building, spider Web making and working put how to make a 3D spider put of willow. We did some whittling and weaving to make the webs. Some also wanted to make other items such as wands. We talked about how their week was […]

Ashmansworthy forest school 11/10

Another really busy session. The excitement was intense with one group finally cutting through the log. They had such perseverance it was so lovely to see. We had some groups working together to make a loom to create a grass mat for seating in the new den they’ve made. Another group worked together to collect […]

Fun at forest school today.

We had fun in the forest today. We made willow crowns and shared some stories. Some children wanted to continue the theme from last week and make a hedgehog house. They carefully used a hammer. We now want a ‘Tinker table’ in our EYFS classroom. We are going to be busy.

Stars part 1

Alminstone used different tools to cut willow sticks, then peeled the bark off and lashed them together to make triangles.  Next week we plan to make a second set and join together to make stars. “Peeling is very satisfying”

Goldworthy forest school 5/10

Today was the sunshine did come out eventually for us. The children  were very productive today and resourceful. We had a group working on the mud kitchen. We had children using bill hooks and mallets chopping down the wood to make kindling for our camp fire. We had a group of children who were using […]

Gorwood forest school 5/10

Today was again very challenging with the weather. But if Gorwood have shown anything this term it’s perseverance in challenging situations. Today we had another dig session where they’ve found some interesting items which they’ve asked to research over the next week and are going to share with the session next week. We’ve also been […]

Ashmansworthy forest school 3/10

Today was a very productive day using all types of tools. We broke put into small groups. Group 1 were using a bill hook and mallet to make kindling for our fire session in a couple of weeks. Group 2 were making log seats for Cranford outdoors area and group 3 have been clearing and […]

Ashmansworthy forest school 27/09

Ashmansworthy had a soggy session this week. But still managed to keep busy with the bridge building challenge. Digging, painting, mud kitchen, chilling out in the hammock.

Goldworthy forest school 28/09

Wow what an amazing afternoon. As usual the sun did come out for us! But there was some rain at the end of our session. They were so amazing and so resilient working and playing in the rain. Today we’ve been looking at staying warm and dry with the survival shelters it then escalated into […]

Gorwood forest school 28/09

Gorwood have had another great morning despite the weather. They have had fun making dens, using survival shelters (some of the group definitely liked these as they worked out they could stay warm inside the tents), some were creating their own mud area for archaeological digs. They found some items so they needed to clean […]

Alminstone’s day at Burford Woods

Beautiful weather gave us a good day out. We made dens, cooked soup, played on rope swings, used fire flints, eating s’mores, had lots of adventures and hid in the ferns, making bread, orienteering, making crafts, exploring Burford Woods and making friends…… Which was your favourite?

Ashmansworthy Forest School 20/09

Today was an amazing session they have all remembered the names of the trees we have in a school forest school area and we had fun once again in the mud kitchen. We’ve started to build a Hazel bender den, where they had to work in teams to find the best wood to cut and […]

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