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Natural paint brushes and oak gall ink 08/03

Today was a challenge as we had to change the way we do forest school. But tythecott were amazing and so adaptable they showed that they can adapt to any situation. They were also very creative with natural paint brushes and oak gall ink.

More dragon flies 22/03

We were doing mud kitchen cooking, captire the flag and finishing off our dragon flies. I only managed to get one photo but I think it says it all.

Cooking! 27/03

Today was exciting whilst out nettle soup was cooking we made dens and played in the mud kitchen. Some cooked damper bread to go with the soup. Unfortunately it didn’t cook in time so they will be having some in class later this week. But we did get time for bread and of course s’mores. […]

Capture the flag! 08/03

Today I introduced a game as I know too well this class can be competitive. Capture the flag wasn’t new to them but there was some serious cheating going on bit it was so fun to see them working as a team and supporting they’re team mates. Some who didn’t want to join in chose […]

Muddy sticky mud! 20/03

Well what can I say about sunflowers forest school session today! It was amazing to see them once again wanting to be creative and make more natural paint brushes. They are so kind and helpful, wanting to help me weed and get the beds ready for our plants they’ve planted in seed trays a few […]

Den building in the sunshine 14/03

We were very lucky with the weather today. Burscott were so great today with working collaboratively with each other to build team dens. I would definitely stick with this class if we were wild camping. I also had some super helpers to put the new IBC up ready for watering our plants.

Cobra knot dragon fly’s 15/03

I can’t sat how amazed and proud I am of this amazing group. Having to deal with changes to our sessions to extreme weather, they were so adaptable to today’s session. They were creative with designs for the forest school area, imaginative with bug drawing on the paper they created a few weeks back. They […]

Stroxworthy the frog 28/02

Whilst digging for the poly beds we found a little frog his been named Stroxworthy. We found a lovely little safe home for him. We also got busy with our new fairy/pixie garden in the forest school area. The children also got busy making Elder pencils and paint brushes.

Seed planting 27/02

digging digging and seed planting was the aim of today’s session. Was a little cold so we decided to go up to the poly and plant seeds ready for spring.

Creative time! 28/02

This week Burscott have been super creative with paper making, den building, fairy gardens, and elder pencil making. We also had an exciting event happen where a forest pixie dropped a not and a map for a scavanger hunt.

Natural paints and paint brushes. 06/030

Today Sunflowers have been exploring different ways to make natural paint, we used oak galls, turmeric and beetroot. Our  paint brushes were made from Hazel and our old Christmas tree.

Fire and pencils. 01/03

Today we were making paper, we then used elder and willow to make some pencils. We also used some oak gall ink that was made by foxdown last term. We had a scavenger hunt using all our senses. They wanted a fire as it was a little cold we talked about the different colours in […]

Pancakes! 21/02

Well we couldn’t not have pancakes today! We had a lovely session just exploring the new den area, and quiet area where they can chil on a hammock if it ever gets to loud or too much for them. There was bug hunting by the bug hotel. We also started to make paper with the […]

Mud and paper making 21/02

It was great to see Stroxworthy back outside in the forest school area. It’s all changed since they were last here. We discussed season’s and what was different, they noticed there was no leaves on the trees but buds and flowers were starting to bloom. They also started to help with the schools gardening project […]

Mud mound 20/02

Cranford were azing today as we started the schools gardening project. Some were getting woodchip for a path in the poly, some were transferring soil from the mud mound to our beds in the poly and then we finished our session of with a game.

Today was sadly our last session for the term. However we finished big. They chopped and prepared vegetables for tomato soup and damper bread. They all tried it and said it was the best soup.they had ever had before! We then finished off with the biggest s’mores I’ve ever seen thank you to Paula from […]

Soup and damper bread. 08/02

What a great last session. We chopped and cooked tomato soup and made damper bread. They all tried the soup and bread and the finished of with s’mores and hot chocolate. Its been a pleassure watching this class grow and explore their strenghths and weaknesses, and seeing what they can achieve if they just put […]

Capture the flag 07/02

Capture the flag was the aim of the game today. They decided to do girls vs boys, they created their own flags and den in their base camps. They had amazing patience with the leaders whilst we worked out the rules of the game with them. They had fun working as a team and exploring […]

Ice!!! 07/02

It was a frosty start today. Some children discovered some ice sculptures that had been hidden around the forest school area to freeze over night. They had fun den building and exploring different ways to make shelters. Some also helped me move some wood up to the allotment area. We also joined in the RSPB […]

Woodwork and cooking 06/02

Today was pur last session for term. Sonwe celebrated with Tomato soup, damper bread, hot chocolate, and s’mores. We were also able to finish our long term project of paper making from denim jeans and oak goul ink. They also had a safety talk and lesson on how to use hammers and nails.

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