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Final day singing in the rain

The final day was a huge tidy up, working out who owned what. When we had finally packed, we put on some waterproofs and wellies for a river walk in the sideways rain. We saw some kayakers take on the fast flowing river and bumped into another Dartmoor pony. Finally, we sang some fun songs […]

Movie night and final bedtime

Our last night at Pixies Holt was movie night. We got into our pyjamas and enjoyed the film with some popcorn as well as more birthday cake 🍰.  Then it was bedtime. See you all tomorrow.

Group Two Archery, orienteering and caving

Group Two have also enjoyed the same activities as group one with their own archery champion.

Birthday Cake 🎂

Thank you to all the parents for providing the amazing cakes and cookies for us all to share. They are absolutely delicious.  We will have another treat after dinner with our movie night.  

Group One Archery

This afternoon, group one got their waterproofs on and had an archery session. They learnt about how to handle the equipment safely and the different parts of the equipment before a practise and finally a tournament with a birthday champion. This was followed by high speed orienteering around Pixies Holt.

Birthday Breakfast and Caving for Group One

This morning, we had breakfast and then made our lunches. We then split into two groups. One went caving and the second did archery and orienteering. In the limestone cave, we found stalactites and stalagmites. Everyone showed great determination and resilience and managed to get through all the small gaps and even sat in part […]

The day with all the birthdays

Good morning from Pixies Holt. Everybody slept well and we are full of energy for the day ahead. We’re all looking forward to lunchtime and 4 birthday cakes 🎂!!

Dinner time and night walk

For dinner, we had as much pasta and bolognaise as we could eat, followed by homemade raspberry sponge cake and raspberry ripple ice cream.  We then found our torches and headed out for our night walk. We followed the river and navigated our way to a clearing where we switched off our torches and enjoyed […]

Moorland and woodland walk

This afternoon, we walked up and up and up into the woods. We learnt about deciduous and coniferous trees, as well as different moss and lichens. Some us were brave and tasted some gorse whilst others lost their shoes/boots in the bogs. All were recovered. We climbed a tor with stunning views of Dartmoor and […]

We’ve arrived

We arrived safely just after 11am. After a tour of Pixies Holt we went to our rooms and tried to make our beds!! We’re now enjoying our lunch before our afternoon hike.

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