PE With Apparatus

Sunflowers had an enjoyable PE session using the apparatus. After listening carefully to instructions, they took it in turns to develop their movement by balancing, jumping, crawling and climbing. Sunflowers had the challenge of thinking of different ways to move over and under the benches. All these activities help develop their gross motor skills.

Gardening club In Autumn

This term in gardening club we have been sorting through all the plants that have died, seed harvesting. We’ve also been sorting compost, laying hedges and creating a fence around our growing area. Then lastly we have been so lucky Becki and Tess were very kind and made the club a batch of green tomato […]

We didn’t get to many photos this week at forest school we were so busy learning how to do a cobra knot for our dragonflies. The class was amazing and so persistent when trying to remember how to do this knot. They did so well and taking it step by step listening carefully to instructions. […]

Pine pitch glue

Forest School was excting this week. We looked at pine pitch glue and how different solods melt at different temperatures all the children had their predictions and one got it right with a prediction of 85 degrees melting point. We then used the glue to make talking sticks and wands. Some also continues with theor […]

National Tree Week

This week in forest school we celebrated national tree week with some tree ID, games and tree hugging. They had so much fun in the mud kitchen where I was served lots of worm sound and slug sandwiches!!! Delicious!!!

Magnificent Mud Kitchen

Sunflowers and Cranford Class are loving the new mud kitchen. This kitchen provides a messy, sensory experience allowing the children to explore different textures and materials whilst having fun. The mud kitchen supports communication and language development as the children talk to each other and discuss what they are doing. It also encourages imaginative role […]

Northam care Trust visit at Rosehill

We had a lovely day planting trees at Rosehill learning about national tree week, ID trees, we then glazed their signs they had already made. We had fun with their chickens called Halo, Nae Nae and Omlette. The children were amazing interacting and helping the clients and realising how people struggle in society with physical […]

Sports Leaders training

This morning, the year 6 Buckland Brewer children came over to join the Parkham year 6s to do some Sports Leader training. The session involved playing lots of games whilst learning about self belief, communication, teamwork and leadership. From Monday, they will work together at lunchtimes and run different activities and games for the younger […]

Newsletter: 24th November 2024

In the run-up to the Christmas Holidays, we’ll be running a series through the weekly Newsletter to help parents with aspects of online safety with your children. We know that many children will be getting new or upgraded devices over Christmas so this is a good time to share hints or tips to help keep […]


Tythecott class had a go at making a cobra knot and making dragonflies.  We found this tricky and we will continue this next week.  We used team skills to follow instructions. Which bit was the most tricky?


In science this week, we looked at how light refracts when it passes through different mediums. As light passes through water it slows down  compared to when it travels through air. When you place a pencil ✏️ in a glass of water it looks like the pencil bends due to the rays of light changing […]

Kipper’s Birthday

We have enjoyed listening to this story book and answering questions about the storyline and characters. We then discussed what we needed for a birthday party and had fun helping to plan our own party for Kipper.

Ups, downs unders and overs

Today the class explored the woods with an obstacle course. They laughed and giggled as they had to navigate their way through the trees. They had to wait their turn which they did so well. But as soon as they were free to go they were off.

Today we created flags from our tyedye that we did last week. They had so much fun and was so excited with the outcome of their dye.

Little gnomes

We had fun making little wooden gnomes this week. They showed resilience as they struggled to whittle the wood where they wanted to. But eventually their hard work paid off. Look at these great little gnomes they created. We also got to finish our tie dye project some made flags some made dens for the […]

Buckland Brewer Charity Football Match

School voice decided to raise money for Children in Need by dressing up, face paints and having a football match. Ask the children what was their favourite outfit.

Newsletter: 17th November 2023

Show Tickets Just a reminder that you need to be filling out the Google Form below to reserve tickets for your child’s end of Term Production. Please remember all tickets are free, but this is an important way of us satisfying the Fire Officer’s insistence that we know how many people are in each of […]

Children In Need

For Children in Need we have enjoyed some SPOTacular activities in continuous provision which all help us develop our fine and gross motor skills.

Tie dye flags

From last weeks tie dye, we undid our elastic bands to discover the patterns the die had made on the material. We then attached to our chosen sticks to make forest school flags. As we celebrated Diwali Festival of light, we created our own organic glass light lamps. Ask the children what they enjoyed doing […]

Sports Leader Training

This afternoon, some of the year 6s volunteered to undertake some training to become Sports Leaders. As well as be able to lead the younger children in physical activities including games and sports, they learnt how they will develop their own self belief and confidence, along with their communication, team work and problem solving skills. […]

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