High Ropes

We were hanging around this morning dangling on the high ropes course. Everybody faced their fears by completing various challenges such as the Leap of Faith, Jacob’s Ladder, The Rack and of course the Ultimate High Rope Challenge. Well done everybody!

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  1. The sea pool looked awesome, Baz! Well done everybody. It looks like another amazing day. Have a great evening. Looking forward to seeing what you ‘re all up to tomorrow! XXX :) :)

    1. Baz says: Hi mum! I’m having a great time here at Adventure International. I really enjoyed doing the high ropes course-Yes, you are hearing me correctly…I did it!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Eating lots of sweets…ha, ha, ha!!! Love from Baz xxx

    2. Well done, Baz – that ‘s amazing! The spirit of Lizard Lick and all those sweets must have fired you up! It sounds as if you have really challenged yourself which is brilliant. Have a fantastic day today -lots of great waves, I bet. Love Mum, Dad and Tom xxx

  2. Much as I am missing you all I’m glad I wasn’t there! My palms are sweating just looking at the photos. You are all amazing.

  3. Wow! That looks so high. You should all be so proud of yourselves. What an achievement. Well done everybody.

  4. Lovely photos, guys. I’m glad to see you’ve enjoyed using the brand new high ropes course!
    Really really sorry but I won’t be able to get down to see you this afternoon as I’d hoped but I will be down for Presentation Night tomorrow. ;-)

  5. Wow!! Well done everyone. What a challenge!! You should be so proud of yourselves. Xx

    1. Sean was amazing! He really challenged himself on the high ropes and was so proud when he finished!

    2. Sean says: Hi mum. I’m having a good time. It was really scary on the high ropes. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Love from Sean xxx

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