Presentation Night

Congratulations to everybody for their amazing achievements this week. It has been fantastic seeing you face up to all the challenges and conquer your fears. Special congratulations to our three award winners: Bo for winning the “Superstar” award, Jack for winning the “Joker” award and Sean for winning the “Bottle” award. Congratulations again! We are looking forward to coming back and telling everybody about our time at Adventure International.

8 responses on Presentation Night

  1. Am too excited for words Bo.
    Roll on 3.15pm….For us Bo, of course, not you as you guys still have another great adventurous day to look forward to.
    You are certainly our Superstar. Enjoy today Bo and all your team.You have ALL done so amazing. Fantastic photos have helped me survive this week so HUGE thanks to the wonderful Miss Butler. Huge thanks to the amazing actiuvities leaders Tremendous . Finally i can say…..SEE YOU LATER BO xx

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