Messages from the children…

Mark: Hi Mum, I’m having fun messing about with the boys!

Luca: Thanks for the offer…I will practice the hoovering. Love you all xxx

Sean: Having tons of fun. See you in 3 days. Missing you, my lanky brother!

Eliza: My hair’s still a bit wet!

Lucy: I’m having lots of fun. Happy birthday for yesterday, Daniel. Sorry I forgot your present! Lots of love Lucy xxx

Keira: Hi Mum. I’m having a great time at Bude. I fell in the canal at kayaking. It was freezing! Missing the boys a lot (not)! Lots of love xxx

Aimee: I’m really enjoying my time at Bude and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Lots of love  xxxx

Jack: Having a great time. My favourite activity was the high ropes. I went all the way round the top. I’m going to be the next 1 Direstion with Fynn and James! I’m really missing my Monty and the rest of my family. see you all soon. Love you lots xxx

Lily-May: Missing Ralphy lots and missing everybody else in our family. Having a really good time. I really loved doing the high ropes because I went round the top. Love you all xxx

Bo: Hi. Having a great time at Bude and making lots of new friends. My favourite thing so far is kayaking, especially when I pushed my instructor in the water! Missing you lots, especially Buzz. Love Bo xxx

Mia: Having a great time. My favourite thing was climbing and high ropes and I got right to the top! Make sure Aidan doesn’t go into my room! Missing Murphy and Loui. Love Mia xxx

Sydney: Hi Mummy! I’m not missing you much but I’m missing the animals!!! My favourite thing so far is when we did the high ropes. Love Sydney xxx

Isabel: Hi. I’m missing you Rosie. My favourite thing so far is climbing. All of our room mates are getting on quite well. Love Isabel.

Megan: Hi. Missing you all, especially William (the horse!!!!) My favourite activity so far was the high ropes because I got all the way round the top! Love Megan xxx



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  1. Wow! It looks like you are all having an amazing time. Wish I was there ( but not on the high ropes thanks!). Its VERY quiet here at school without you lot! See you next week. Mrs Macleod xxx

  2. Hi Syd.
    I’m missing you like crazy, the house is clean, there’s food in the cupboards and enough internet for everyone. Lol.
    I’m envious of your adventures apart from the high ropes.

  3. The photos are amazing. It looks like you are all having a fab time. Well done Mia for climbing to the top. I new you could do it.

  4. Love you lots too Jack xxx Sounds so much fun – Danny’s jealous! If you’re gonna be in the next boy band you’d better practise your dancing! Monty Moo is missing you lots although he did try to eat Stampy – don’t worry i rescued him – i think it was a protest because you’d left him. Big hugs from all of us xxxx

  5. Really lovely messages to read , you are all amazing and we’re all missing you too xxx

  6. Megan glad you are missing us as well as William !! 🐴 😀 Looks like you are having a good time !

  7. What lovely messages. Sleep well everyone. Luca…The hoover is waiting for you!! ;)

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