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Pixies Holt 4

Some final photos taken on the other camera.

Pixies Holt 3

On the final day, we packed away our things and had a final walk along the river from the centre. We even found the sunshine and sung a few songs.

Pixies Holt… Slighter Damp Day 2

Here are the photos from today’s Hound Tor weaseling activity… …and afterwards: Hot Chocolate, Games and Mealtime:

Pixies Holt Day 1 Photos

Mr Davies has successfully sent through these photos… we hope you can pick out your children. It looks like they are having a great time in the sunshine yesterday!

Pixies Holt Day 1

Unfortunately, the WiFi at Pixies Holt isn’t working properly so Mr Davies isn’t able to send photos at the moment, but here is the group’s Diary Entry from the first day… We arrived just before 12pm and carried our bags up the path to Pixies Holt. We had a tour of the centre before having […]

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