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Maths Investigation

Christmas Fayre Pictures

Data handling

Stroxworthy Class

In Stroxworthy,  we have been planning a recount of our visit to South Devon Railway. We will begin writing the recount next week. In maths we have been focussing on different types of measuring – length, weight, capacity and time. Friday was a very enjoyable day, the class was full of superheroes and everyone worked super-hard […]

Salt Crystal Investigation

Hallowe’en in July?!?

Class Three chose a celebration day. Following a rigorous voting process, we chose Hallowe’en. Using all the data we made bar charts and tally charts. We also wrote about Hallowe’en in Literacy, explaining what happens and where it all began. For the celebration day, we did Hallowe’en maths and an investigation into making squash correctly.

Maths skyscraper factors

To find factors of numbers we placed certain coloured cubes onto numbers which are in the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 6 times tables. We found that some numbers had more cubes on than others and some had no cubes at all.

Class 3 Menu Choice – 24th June

After much discussion with Class 3, it has been decided that we would like to have party food for our class choice menu. The children chose where they like to go for a celebration meal and the most popular was KFC! Therefore we have chose to have a KFC style ‘meal in a bag’.

World Cup Fever

A new disease is doing the rounds and all of Class 3 are infected with it. It is World Cup Fever. To celebrate the start of the World Cup, Class 3 randomly chose a country to follow. We researched and made flags for our country. As the weeks go by we will be filling in […]

Class 3 Week Beginning 9th June

We are continuing our work on play scripts by preparing other stories and poems to perform. In Maths we will be looking at fractions, then comparing and ordering them. In science we will begin investigating sound. To coincide with this we will also begin to use Djembe drums as part of our music. We will […]

Warming up the word – The Twits

This week we have been warming up the word in readiness for writing a play scene based on Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’. As part of this we wrote a letter to Mr or Mrs Twit telling them that the things they have done wrong and how to make up with each other. We found out […]

Class 3

Welcome back to the new term. This week we will be begin by reading Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ in preparation for writing a script based on this story. In Maths we will be focussing on multiplication and division facts. We will also be looking at the art work of Seurat ready to begin making our […]

Week 3 Activities

  This week in class 3 we have been working on our letters to our favourite authors. We have learned how to set out a letter and have asked the authors some questions. We have been investigating conductors and insulators in science. First we built a circuit checker from a battery and a bulb or […]

Class Three Visit Woolsery Church Art Display

Aboriginal Dance

Here are some pictures from our film of Aboriginal Dances. First we watched some Aboriginal dances and then discussed the shapes made. We paired our ideas with some balance work we have done recently too. Finally we practiced our dances until we were ready to film them. These pictures are taken from the film we […]

Class 3 News

This week in class three we have been continuing our journey of a glass bottle by writing a chronological report into the process. The children have been learning new words for each part of the process. In maths we have been focussing on adding and subtracting numbers which are near to 10 by using the […]

Almost summer

What an exciting week the last week was. The weather has been fantastic and in class it has felt like summer is already here. Our pea plants are beginning to take over the windowsill and our observational drawings will be showing this. We have been looking at the exciting journey of glass bottle through out […]

Class 3 News

Class Three is a mixed age phase class with Year 2 and 3. Currently we have Miss Brayne, a fourth Year BEd student teaching the class with Mr Brookes who is the regular class teacher.

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