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Birch farm visit

We had an amazing time at Birch farm learning about what they do there and Agrofostery and Syntropics. We will be creating our very own Syntropic area in the school with the help from the gardeners at Birch Farm. The children learnt about biodiversity and we planted some wiow cuttings. The children found this exciting […]

Pine pitch glue

Forest School was excting this week. We looked at pine pitch glue and how different solods melt at different temperatures all the children had their predictions and one got it right with a prediction of 85 degrees melting point. We then used the glue to make talking sticks and wands. Some also continues with theor […]

Little gnomes

We had fun making little wooden gnomes this week. They showed resilience as they struggled to whittle the wood where they wanted to. But eventually their hard work paid off. Look at these great little gnomes they created. We also got to finish our tie dye project some made flags some made dens for the […]

Bikeability Groups B and C

Today, groups B and C started their Bikeability courses. They did their best to dodge the bad weather throughout the day, practising on the playground in the morning and then onto the roads this afternoon. They all enjoyed the activities despite the weather.


Today saw our first group of cyclists test their skills on the playground and on the road, along with theory questions about how to stay safe on the roads.

A very muddy Burford woods

Today was amazing, Alminstone explored the woods in really tough conditions. They showed how resilient they are, how kind and caring they are to each other and showed how mature they are when dealing with their emotions. We had lots of activities going on with a scavenger hunt using a map and compass worrking on […]

Tag rugby in the October sunshine ☀️

This afternoon, Alminstone practised the skills they have learnt and played large games. The focus was on supporting the runner to ensure a pass could be made quickly to attack the try line. Fantastic sportsmanship was on display by the whole class. Well done, everyone.

Grounding in the heat

Today was our first session and it was lovely and warm and sunny. So we started o  the field with some grounding so we talk our socks and shoes of to feel the soft grass between our toes. We talked about what grounding was and how they can use it everyday.

Sketching in the sunshine

Alminstone took full advantage of the sunshine on our first day back. We took our sketch books onto the field with two pencils a 2B and a 2H and found something that we wanted to sketch. We used the different pencils to see what the difference was between them. Mr Davies then challenged us to […]

Debating the big question…

Today, Alminstone has the pleasure of welcoming Keith (a Humanist) and John (a Christian) to debate the BIG question -Is God Real? We learnt a lot about their beliefs and found that despite their differences about God, both have many similar beliefs that encourage people to be the very best human that they can be. […]

Somerset vs Hampshire

Today, children from across the partnership travelled to Taunton to watch a professional cricket match. There was some cricket until lunch with Somerset losing four wickets. During this time the children had their faces painted and tried out some of their own cricketing skills with bowling and throwing at different targets. At lunchtime, Mr Marks […]

Year 5 Fire Service Visit

We were lucky to have members of the Fire Service in this afternoon, to talk to our Year 5 children about fire safety. They gave an informative presentation about how to prevent fire, the safest way to escape a fire and reminded us of the importance of checking our smoke alarms regularly.

Alminstone at Hartland Abbey

We had such a great day in the sunshine today at Hartland Abbey. Exploring the amazing location, including one of the few temperate rainforests in the world, and enjoying a walk along Abbey River to the beach. The highlight of the day, had to be getting to go on set of the filming of ‘Malory […]

Cricket festival

Today Miss Grant and I took 11 year 5 children to a cricket festival, which was held at North Devon Cricket Club Instow. We were competing against year 6 children from  schools across Devon. In our group we played Caen, Marwood, Woolacombe and Goodleigh. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to play St Helens as all of […]

Swimming Gala at Northam Pool

Today the Village Schools Partnership took a team of swimmers to a gala at Northam Pool. For many, this was their first experience in a competitive swimming race. They demonstrated great determination and resilience as they competed in their races with very little rest in between races. One swimmer lost her hat and her goggles […]


We had a great day at Burford woods. WE We  climbed trees, had nettle pesto pasta, damper bread, nettle tea. I was so impressed with the children trying something new they of course had S’mores too. We made dragon flies out of paracord. We also had a great game of what3words hide and seek.

Science week – Paper boats

  Today in Alminstone and Ashmansworthy, we investigated which paper boat would hold the most weight.  After working out what our dependent, independent and control variables were, we looked at the 5 different types of paper and tried to predict which would hold the most weight. We used card, printing paper, tracing paper, glossy paper […]

Zipline attempt #1 02/05

Today Alminstone were lucky to have the sunshine out this morning. Today they were very excited as they have been waiting a long time to do a zip line however it didn’t go to plan but they still explored knot learning and how to tie a zip line. We will attempt it again next week […]

KS2 visit from RNLI – meet the lifeguards

Today we were joined by lifeguards from the RNLI. They helped us to explore and understand water safety. We learned how the lifeguards help those in trouble in the water and what we should do in an emergency.  

Continuous Cricket

Yesterday, Alminstone class continued learning about striking and fielding skills. They practised throwing, catching, running with the bat, as well as bowling and batting. They then used these skills to play continuous cricket.

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